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Voix Libres' priority objectives are education and training of the most disadvantaged children from the mines, prisons, streets and garbage dumps.

  • Granting scholarships and training grants to enable the most underprivileged children to have access to school, as well as pre-professional and specialized training : training modules in agriculture (crops and livestock), catering and hospitality training, applied technical training modules (dressmaking, weaving, ceramics, woodworking, toy-making, manufacture of musical instruments, leatherwork…)

  • Developing alternative educational procedures which turn children into leaders, whereby the key issues of responsibility and solidarity guarantee a snowball-effect.

  • Creating awareness among local authorities, communities and families of the irremediable consequences of working in the mines, using all available media.

  • Enabling children and young people to discover their true personalities and develop their talents, giving them a true identity.


Esclavage du travail
Sorting out minerals at 4’600 m. elevation,
an adolescence lost...

Faites un don

In the programs of Voix Libres the children develop their talents together in order to open themselves up to a new sense of joint responsibility. Little by little, they become the true leaders of their communities.

The school is an unreachable hope for the poorest of the poor.

In the remotest regions of Bolivia, there are not enough school supplies or food. Schools and teachers are few and far between... Our support is the only chance for the children of the mines, streets and garbage dumps to leave the worst possible working conditions.


School supplies for 15'000 children = 150,000 Swiss francs or 70,000 euros!!!

cahier VL

10 francs or 7 euros are enough to cover the annual school supplies one child (pencils, notebooks, photocopies of books, paper, etc).

In 2007, 36,000 children received school supplies distributed by Voix Libres in the remotest regions of Bolivia.


Goal for 2009: to increase the number girls in school to 20%

In such extreme destitution the rights of girls and women are violated most. In the mines or dumps of Bolivia it is almost impossible to find women who have never been beaten or abused...

If girls remain illiterate it is because they are often kept at home to do domestic chores.

Help us to ensure that girls and young women have access to school and studies and to finance personal expression, awareness raising and leadership workshops, which value listening, a global vision, pragmatic effectiveness, intuition and deep love.

Parrainez un enfant

Thank you for being godmothers or godfathers by sponsoring the studies of the 100 girls on the waiting list.



RobertaGabriela, 17 years old, is an exemplary leader: « My obsession is to help girls, especially those who have been abused. I know how deeply they have been humiliated. I am a hairdresser and I dream of opening my own beauty salon where I can create jobs for my sisters in the streets. ».


Talent schools


  1. Enabling children to discover their infinite potential through artistic expression (painting, singing, music, traditional dances etc).

  2. Putting ‘the values of the heart’ into practice (compassion, intuition, global vision)… an integral education preparing true leaders, whose charisma is founded on the notion of solidarity born of adversity. 

  3. Developing bilingual education in Spanish and Quechua, seeking to pass on traditional, sacred, indigenous values while simultaneously preparing children to play their part in a solidarity-based, modern, international economy.

Where ?

  • in the mining and rural areas of the Potosi Province

  • in the other provinces where Voix Libres works : Oruro, La Paz, Cochabamba.

For whom ?

For children 3 to 21 years old who attend the 15 educational bodies that we have built and the many schools that we help support:

  • Nurseries

  • Remedial education

  • Our village, Jatun Ayllu, for 100 orphans or abandoned children

  • 4 agricultural schools… and more to be built

  • 38 rural schools

All the children and youths who have known the worst working conditions in the mines or who arrive malnourished and illiterate are often in a state of acute trauma, unable to integrate themselves in conventional forms of schooling.

A few weeks of rehabilitation and intensive therapies are necessary to restore their confidence. They will thus little by little be able to express themselves and free themselves from the traumatic experiences in order to be ready for academic education.

Faites un don



Expression and concentration through mandala drawing


Sharing breath ...by allowing one’s heart to sing


...a whole programme of preparatory work on expression to enable learning free from the traumatisms of the past..




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