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8 reasons to cook quinoa

  1. Quinoa is one of the most nutritious foods in the world: it contains eight of the ten essential amino acids and many minerals (calcium, magnesium and iron).

    Commande quinoa

  2. It contains almost as much protein as chicken. Furthermore, it is the least expensive of proteins (4 times cheaper than beef).

  3. It does not contain any gluten and has no acidifier.

  4. It is 100% natural (i.e.organic) and we are in the process of certifying it as “organic.”

  5. Any contra-indications? None to this day…

  6. Quinoa is very versatile; it can be served as a sweet or savory, with curry, soy sauce, as a risotto or taboulé...What is important is to wash it well before cooking.

  7. It is easy and quick to cook (in 15 minutes it is “al dente”).

  8. You will participate in fair trade: not only are the peasants paid a fair price but we finance the education and school supplies for their children. You thus create jobs for women and the youth who process the quinoa for export.







The benefits derived from the use of these products

  • Eradication of child labour.

  • Support for women and youth: Thanks to our training modules, quinoa enterprises offer lasting alternatives.

  • Decent income: these enterprises enable the communities producing it to earn their living in dignity.

  • Ecology: not only are we encouraging the cultivation of Andean grains, but these projects nurture the ecosystem of the Pachamama.

  • Purchase quinoa at a fair price and distribution of school supplies to children in the communities; provision of a tractor.

Our basic conditions

  • We purchase the products directly from our Voix Libres producers association as a long-term commitment.

  • The products are sold nationally and internationally with no other middle men besides Voix Libres.

  • The profits are invested in our social projects.

  • We control the quality at each level of the production chain.

  • We pre-finance the harvests to allow for investment in appropriate equipment.

Replicating the commercial network

  • Thanks to 600 people or families who have each created a mini- branch of Voix Libres in Switzerland and France. They conduct home sales locally to their friends, who in turn become social entrepreneurs for a noble cause. Without this volunteer replication, nothing would be possible.



Nutritional qualities :

/100g of raw product

Quinoa Real

Whole grain wheat

Whole grain barley

Unpolished rice

Proteins (g)





Sugars (g)





Lipids (g)





Minerals (g)





-Calcium (g)





-Magnesium (mg)





-Iron (mg)





Quinoa has a higher protein content than any other grain.

It is rich in fiber and lipids. It is a complete protein with a near ideal amino acid content, rich in lysine, methionine and cystine. 
Potassium, magnesium, calcium et iron are the most important minerals in the sacred grain.

Quinoa is free of gluten...

Quinoa is ideal for:

  • newborn infants

  • children (it is excellent for growth)

  • pregnant and nursing women

  • vegetarians

  • gluten-intolerant people

  • people with a high cholesterol level (thanks to the presence of lecithin)

  • people with problems of the nervous system and suffering from stress (vitamin B)

  • athletes : association of proteins, sugars, essential fatty acids, vitamins, trace elements and minerals

Silvia la centenaire

Woman peasant in the Altiplano (at 4'000 meters elevation), Silvia is over 100 years old...thanks to Quinoa?


champ de quinoaQuinoa has a long history, even if the western world has only recently discovered its value. Indeed it was extensively grown all over the Andes for perhaps five thousand years.

Owing to its strong resistance to the vagaries of the climate and its low requirements for water and fertilizer it has always constituted a balanced staple food for the Andean natives. Called chisiya mama, the “mother of grains” by the Quechuas; Quinoa, owing to its superior nutritive value, was considered sacred by the Indians, who eat it mainly during big celebrations and ceremonies.

The mystical aspect of the plant and the great endurance it gave the Inca Empire probably contributed to its being prohibited by the Conquistadors. They did not approve of its use in pagan practices.

Quinoa was nearly eliminated from the planet. Without the experience of the peasants and their spirit of resistance, this « small rice » of the Incas would no longer exist.

« If you had to choose one food among all others on which to survive,
the best choice would no doubt be quinoa »

  • Number of varieties: 1800 (those of the Altiplano are the most nutritious).

  • Culture: on the high Andean plateaus of Bolivia, Peru et Ecuador

  • Family: Chenopodiaceae (the spinach and beet family). Quinoa is therefore unlike wheat in that it is not a grass.

Dans un champ de quinoaQuinoa production community

TracteurTractor for the community

Tri de la quinoaQuinoa winnowing.
This will be followed by a thorough cleaning in a business managed by women.

QUINOA culture

The project benefits the communities around the Uyuni salt lakes, located at a mean altitude of 3,700 meters.

The climate in this are is characterized by great differences in temperature between day and night, frequent frosts and temperatures reaching -20°C during the coldest winter nights. The months of April to November are extremely dry while December to March constitutes a short rainy season. Records for precipitation in the area show an annual average varying between 331 and 439mm.

Harvesting occurs mainly in April and is done by hand, by pulling or cutting the plants. After harvest, the plants are laid down to dry in double 20 meter rows. Threshing is done by machine. Then comes winnowing when the grains are sorted to get rid of their impurities and small stones.

Afterwards the quinoa is washed to take out the saponin, a substance that gives it a bitter taste. Finally it is processed for transport by truck to the port of Arica in Chile then by boat to Europe.

Commande quinoa

All the profits of the sales of Quinua Real Pachamama
go to finance the projects in Bolivia.



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